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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

TKW a hilarious love letter

Sum, an Indonesian migrant workers intend to break with a girlfriend named Robbie Caucasians from America but he was unable to meet face to her lover. Sum writing letters armed with knowledge of English language training center & time in thick dictionaries.

Hi Robbie, with this letter I want to give you know
(Hi Robbie, together with this letter I want to tell you)

[I want to break us]

I have think this very cook cook
(I have been thinking about this very cook cook)

I know my love only half a hand clap
(I know my love clap one hand only)

Correctly, I have see you go with a woman entertainment at town with my eyes and head myself
(Actually, I've seen you go out with a woman entertainer dI city with my own eyes head)

You always ask Apology back back times
(You always ask for apology back back times)

You eyes drop tears Crocodile
(Your eyes to weep crocodile)

You correct correct a man Crocodile land
(You really a man crocodile land)

My Friend speak you play fire
(My friend speak you play wood)

Now I know you correct correct play fire
(Now I know you correct correct play wood)

So, I break the connection and pull body from this love triangle
(So, I break the relationship and withdrew from the love triangle)

I know I pick this result very correct, Because you love she very big from me
(I know I took this decision right, because you love him more than me)

But I still will from not far from here go far
(But I still will not go away from here)

I do not want you play play with my liver
(I do not want you to mess with my heart)

I have been crying night night Until no more eye water thinking about your body
(I cried many nights until no more tears There Thinking about you)

I do not want to sick my liver for two times
(I do not want to hurt the second time)

Safe walk, Robbie (on the road, Robbie)
Girl friend of your liver (love heart)

Note: This river I forgive you, next river I kill you!
(This time I forgive you, other times I kill you!)

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