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World's best young entrepreneurs (under 25 years

World's best young entrepreneurs (under 25 years)

Discover five young people who are very innovative and leading small businesses in the world today, selected by BusinessWeek online readers .....
when considering a negative thing, entrepreneurialism is now synonymous with opportunity. Following their own stories, business is their most dynamic and innovative economy in the filling. They plan and maintain the concept of ideas that changed the outlook on business. And, today, business travelers no longer a post-corporate. They are young kids just starting out with something new.
With the advantage of leading small businesses that produce new young entrepreneurs, Businessweek Online started in September looking at the whole world to know "Entrepreneurship Best Under 25 years" We're looking for a business that is really innovative which represents an effort that has the potential to develop and constructed of talent in the form sense, we short search of a new generation of success stories.
No. 1: Mark Zuckerberg
Founder up
Palo Alto, Calif..
Founded: 2004
Age: 21

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ideas that are least likely. Zuckerberg launched its social-networking startup that unusual, up, a student at Harvard, thinks the league schools currently require a library of online students. Since its founding Zuckerberg has received more than $ 13 million from the Internet world, As with any founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel and Accel Partners.
Winning the most votes in the election at BusinessWeek Online has been in business since February 2004 but now it's Facebokk already has 6 million registered users, and two-thirds of that number visit the site every day. Next: Will be launched up version of high school kids and if you look at the concept of this site will evolve into the international market.
Low cost of environmental cleanup
No. 2: Nancy Montano
Los Angeles Pumping
Mira Loma, Calif..
Founded: 2004
Age: 22

New college graduates aged 22 years, Montano launch Los Angeles Pumping, Attempts to move the trash a company, after graduating from the University of California, Riverside. Working closely with his father Conrad, Montano drove his company into a trash removal company a highly competitive industry, where large companies set high prices to use his services.
His passion has not subsided, the Los Angeles Pumping's revenues increased from $ 25,000 to $ 125,000 within a year. Montano enters its second year and expects to reach sales of $ 1 million.
Sophie's Choice Quotes
No. 3: Joanna Alberti
Founded: 2005
Age: 24

A graduate of Boston University in 2003, Joanna Alberti Sophie drew his first cartoon, a trademark is very confident, with a successful character, While working in advertising in Boston. And in February of 2005, he began to formally spread "Tao Sophie" through small business-card greeting her, Philosophie's, which was launched in May
Philosophie is a picture of a woman named Sophie. Alberti drawing characters and writing in "quotes." One example: "A cup of coffee and a strong self-confidence can carry you through the morning's" Sophie's inspire courage for his audience, Alberti Like the character of a strong and independent.
Phone serious of young children
No. 4: David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos
GotVMail Communications
Newton, Mass..
Founded: 2003
Age: 23 (Hauser) and 24 (Taghaddos)

Hauser and Taghaddos each started their first business while still in high school and later met while studying at Babson. "We went to a college that is known to entrepreneurs, and we noted that many people who we know are frustrated with the expensive phone systems, which actually can be obtained at a cost of $ 10,000," said Taghaddos.
So Hauser and Taghaddos invite friends to raise funds and launch CotVMail. The company offers small-biz owners a way to look at the professional as well as large corporations. Services start at $ 10 per month and offers a field of choices, covering a variety of voice-mails, calls and email messages delivered in the form of MP3 ketelepon. Gotvmail has become a very profitable company since keduannya month, and annual income is currently $ 5 million.
Fountain of Youthful Creativity
No. 5: Anand Chhatpar
Madison, Wis.
Founded: 2004
Age: 24

Like many entrepreneurs, Anand Chhatpar proposed the idea for his startup, Brainreactions, while still a student. Chhatpar was a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. After learning about ethnographic research and create prototypes of which entered the Pitney Bowe's with the concept of technology, Chhatpar thought he could use the knowledge gained there to tap into the creativity of young minds. He launched Brainreactions, a place for the 200 professional brainstormers to create new production stand out, entering new market segments, and develop customer service improvement