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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Water That Is Life?

People who do not understand the nature and characteristics of the water is often thought that the alternative treatment by drinking water that has been given a prayer before, is an unscientific manner. Because it is "feasible" referred to as an irrational way. However, a famous Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that water could carry the message or information than what is given to him. Even the water is given a positive response, including prayer, will produce a beautiful hexagonal crystal form.

Masaru Emoto's research results that have been translated into Indonesian, "The True Power Of Water" [Wisdom of Water in Olahjiwa], (MQS Publishing, 2006), is an amazing experience because it proved that the water was "alive" and can respond to what the human .

Findings Masaru memrupakan hard work as a form of love of science. He even experimented with the water in Switzerland, Berlin and France. Her findings were later he brought to the headquarters of the UN in New York in March 2005.

Dr. Masaru Emoto did research for 2 months with his best friend Kazuya Ishibashi (a skilled scientists using the microscope). Masaru who completed his education at the Yokohama Municipal University Department of Humanities and Sciences Department of International Relations managed to obtain photographs of water crystals by freezing water at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and used high-speed photographs. Then ditelitilah water by using the response words, pictures, and sounds. The result is remarkable, as it has been read by many people. Water, he says, can receive messages.

Even in another book, "The Hidden Message in Water", Masaru said the water such as magnetic tape or compact disc.


Water not only recognize the word as a simple design, but water can understand the meaning of the word. When water is aware that the word that is shown bringing good information then the water will form crystals. If a positive word is given, then the crystals formed when they open like a flower incredible being in full bloom, as if to describe the hand movements of water that is being expressed pleasure.

Conversely, if the negative words are given, then the crystal will produce fragments with sizes that are not balanced. Water may also be able to feel the feelings of people who write these words. So you can imagine what if the water was given a collection of words which is a prayer?

Subhanallah, the power of water that had received the words, especially for healing must be very large. Moreover, a collection of words that is the prayer was not the usual words, but comes from Allah and pronounced by a pious person a choice of Allah SWT.

Dr. Masaru own use water power to find effects of treatment with a wave of energy that he called Hado (energy or vibration that is set on an object). Then with this Hado Dr.Masaru can format the energy effects of water to cure various diseases. Treatment with Hado this is one way of alternative medicine.

According to Masaru, many researchers are now starting to study the various treatment alternatives for feeling some drawbacks in conventional western medicine, which is only able to reach the level of cells that cause disease symptoms. Hado water being able to treat the disease down to the smallest subatomic particles. Already there are some patients who recovered after drinking Dr.Masaru Hado water.

Recipient Information

Based on research Dr.Masaru, the more it was clear that water quality can be better or worse, depending on the information it receives. This makes us confident that we, humans, are also influenced by the information that we receive because 70% of the adult human body is water.

Logical consequence is a human being, as being largely composed of water, it should be given good information. If we do this, the mind and body will become healthy. On the other hand, if we receive bad information, we will feel the pain.

Take this example: Some people say they feel better just by talking to your doctor. "Placebo effect" come into play when the doctors they trust said, "it's just a common cold, you just need lots of rest. Do not worry, you will get well soon."

By listening to the doctor's words, the anxiety and fear in them is really missing. These words awaken the power to heal yourself, which is already present in the human body.

In ancient times a doctor is one who is also an expert in the field of religion, like a priest or healer so he would not only provide conventional solutions, but at the same time give the "placebo effect" through positive words of prayer or spiritual value-laden motivations.

This also applies to the counselor who must have the ability to send waves of good for abnormal waveforms in patients could be improved.

Efek words can also cause negative perilaku. People often commit suicide after reading the information on the matter of suicide. About twenty years ago a teen idol in Japan committed suicide. Quickly the news spread, many other teens to follow in his footsteps. Genesis of the killer ghost in Japan also influence others to do the same.

Blessings where else?

Let us recall that the water given positive words will make a beautiful crystals. Water presents to us a wonderful sense that we should live life with a fine, and still maintain healthy minds and bodies as well as positive word-berikankata (information) is good to mankind, which 70% of its body is water.
Surely we would not be able to count blessings of Allah manifested His form of water.

"Allah is He Who has Created the heavens and earth and rain down from heaven, then He Eject with rain water, various fruits into sustenance for you, and He has subjected (again) for you so behtera sail through the sea by His , and He has subjected (again) to you the rivers. " (Surah Ibrahim: 32).

Dr.Masaru Emoto crystal photograph of water managed to get first in the world with his best friend Kazuya Ishibashi (a scientist who specializes in microscope). Photographs of water crystals are obtained by freezing the water at a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and photographed by means of high-speed photographs. The result is that water was able to respond to the words, pictures and music either positively or negatively.

If we say the water the words "love and thanks" then the results of crystal water was really awesome picture that is formed beautiful hexagonal water crystals. Conversely, if we say the water line "you're stupid" then it will not form crystals even ugly picture. Consider the difference in picture below:

Water crystals formed when we say "you fool":

Water crystals formed when we say "love and thanks":

That is why today we must berahlak to water because of the good ahlak on water means water that we consume will have an impact both on our bodies, because water that is capable of forming a hexagonal water that could release toxins in our bodies. Experiments on the water not only in words but also through music. It turned out that classical music can change the water forms beautiful crystals, while heavy metal music actually form the water is not good.

Matters relating to the benefits of water as a spiritual healing is also amazing. The following photos have shown the greatness of God, whereby water that has been granted the prayer was able to form the hexagonal crystals are very beautiful.

Image of water BEFORE given prayer:

Image of crystal water were given prayer AFTER:

With this research, it is clear that alternative treatment through water that has been given a prayer it could give relief to even severe disease. If the first lot of people think of healing diseases through water musrik prayer is given then by science has proven that prayer which is recited in the water capable of transforming water into healing water. So everything is in line with science.

Research Dr.Masimoto even this covers not only water but also other foods that were able to provide positive and negative reactions. This is the secret why we are encouraged by religion to pray before eating / drinking. A good prayer was going to be able to change the water / food into something good for the body.

This study truly makes us aware that speech, thought and deed that no good can actually be a negative energy drain that changes things get bad.

For that let us be careful! let alone our own body was composed of 70% water. If we have negative thoughts, the water in our bodies would also form a negative pattern. The result could even cause illness or other problems. It is not surprising that stress was a very big contribution to the occurrence of disease.

With this brilliant invention, it is time for us all to have positive thoughts! Positive thinking will emit waves of energy within ourselves so that health will get better because the water in our bodies will form a pattern of good energy, too. So this wave of positive energy will affect the environment around us to have a positive impact for us. The result is that success will only happen if we think positive! : Fortune plus smooth, harmonious family, etc..

Familiarize yourself with positive thinking, then surely we will be able to inhibit the negative energy that will hit us, whether in the form of illness, stress, etc. magic. This has been evidenced also by Masimoto ie water that has been given a prayer / positive sentences still remain to form crystals and then played despite negative words. So what are you waiting!?? think positive from now on!
nilah evidence that the world is subject to good people .. This nature of life but not in the standard definition of life that we receive in the field of biology.

Nature is also a creature and submit to the Creator Allah SWT. how could serve if he is dead.
not only water that will provide good if dicurahi with kindness, others do the same.
all things happy with the things of this life baik.bukankah indeed to seek the good.
Water crystals formed when we say "you fool":

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