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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Lelaki Ini Selama 15 Tahun Mencari Pembunuh Anaknya Cek TKPnya :

Magazine Asik - Francisco Holgado, 66-year man who always dressed all in black and has two personalities. Afternoon he became a father, the night he became the hunter killer son.

This is the 15th year since her son, Juan Holgado, was killed with more than 30 puncture. As quoted from page Associated Press, Saturday, January 15, 2011, Francisco Holgado calculate each year the child's death in a wall in the town of Jerez De La Frontera, Spain.

On the wall was written "14 years. Justice for Juan Holgado. " Holgado hit number 14 years old with white paint and replace it with a figure of 15 years. Along the way, Holgado struggling to find his killer until the nest freebooters in the city located in southern Spain.
Holgado took early retirement in his office to launch a mission. His wife even divorced, and her three children started to ignore it. By using a cheap wig, glasses and a hat, Holgado disguise and approached all the criminals in the area.

"What should a father do? A father who murdered his son can not just sit at home. He must find the murderer, even sacrifice his life if necessary, "Holgado says that every day pilgrimage to the tomb of her son, and until now, Holgado still dressed in black, a sign of mourning.

Juan Holgado, 26, was killed on 22 November 1995 while working at a gas station. He was found covered in blood with dozens of puncture. The killer managed to escape after rummaging in shops and gas stations money to run a few hundred dollars, a few packs of cigarettes, and several bottles of alcoholic beverages.

The investigation of his death hit the lack of evidence in the investigation. The scene (the scene), which was originally filled with blood, broken glass, and fights have been cleared former gas station owner. Some photographers and journalists also damage the scene. Fingerprints suspects also have been lost without a trace. This is what causes the court could not catch a single person to date.

In order to get information from the crime scene. Helgado disguised as Pepe. He managed to make friends with the drug dealers, robbers, and prostitutes. Everything is in order to obtain information about the perpetrator. Bak spy agencies, all with their recorded conversations with slick on a cassette.

There are dozens of recordings in cassette duration of 60 minutes. Four of the suspects had managed to catch him, but all eventually acquitted for lack of evidence. A young man most suspected is Pedro Asencio, this young man confessed to Pepe had burned the bloody clothes at the time, he also said it would kill Francisco Helgado.

But instead of venting his frustration at Asencio, Helgado even save his life. At that time both were driving, being drunk Asencio saw a rabbit and suddenly the chase. Drunk, Asencio plunged into the river and ask for help. Helgado help him without thinking.

"What should I do? If he drowned, no one will know the killer. I want to see it until the end, I do not want half measures, "said Helgado.

However, Asencio was released for lack of evidence. Currently, Asencio somewhere, keep looking Helgado supporting evidence.

Helgado famous for kenekatannya at public events. He once stood in the middle of railroad tracks to stop trains to Madrid. He stick the city with posters and scribbled the building demanding justice.

He also twice had to interrupt the football game by running into the middle of the field carrying banners and seasonal carnation, which means he will not forget her son. "He was a staunch fighter," said friend Helgado, Pablo Berrera, 33, a bartender.


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