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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Mental Developing Entrepreneurial

Mental Developing Entrepreneurial
(5 Strategies to Success):
I. Successful people always Positive Thinking (Al-Insyirah: 5-6)
Murphy's Law:
• All things are not as easy as you can see
• Everything takes longer than expected
• Everything must be possible to fail
Maxwell Law:
• Everything is not as difficult as we see
• Everything is more profitable than you thought
• Everything must be possible to successfully
One characteristic of people who always think positively grateful for what happened (husnudzhan).
6 Steps to Increase Positive Thinking Ability
• To act, speak and befikirlah like someone you admire most
• Keep always positive thoughts and success in your mind. (Called memory success).
• emit a positive attitude and self-esteem.
• Treat others as being most important, needed and appreciated (as we get from what we give.)
• Patience with difficulty and insult others.
• Be generous (giver).

Success Strategies
1. Create a positive tone of the sentence quote
2. Change to one's negative views into positive outlook
3. Remove the negative words of our minds
4. Begin to appreciate the people we take for granted
5. Look for opportunities to be able to give
II. People who successfully clever Overcoming Failure
90% of people who do not necessarily feel like a failure actually fail it's just that they quickly gave up ....
The things that cause people I said would be a failure:
• Fear of criticism
• Fear of taking risks (No Risk, No Gain)
• Fear of loss of confidence (No Try, No Success)
• Fear can not be another chance
Strategies to Overcome Failure
• Evaluate the cause and do not terperosk into the same hole
• Ask people who have made it out of the failure and success
• Read biographies of great men and wrote their custom properties
III. Successful people have a vision
Vision is the ability to see things that are not yet apparent. To menasah Vision Mental required sensitivity and power of Imagination
Develop Strategy Vision
A time to ponder:
• What are the advantages / talents that God has given us?
• What are the desires and our expectations?
• What is the uniqueness that we have?
• The needs of what we hope can be fulfilled?
IV. Successful people decide Target
Target to motivate and empower us to achieve the objective.
Date July 4, 1952 California is filled with morning mist. 21 Miles to the west of the island of Catalina a 34-year-old woman sailed the Pacific Ocean and began to swim across California. If he succeeds, he will become the first woman to successfully do so. This brave woman named Florence Chadwick. Previously he has managed to become the first woman to cross the English Channel round trip with a swim.
In the morning the water was very cold and very thick fog that made him almost unable to see the boats that go with it. While he swam thousands of people watching on television. What matters in this crossing is not the coldness of fatigue but the water that penetrated to the bone.
After 15 hours of swimming he felt tired and cold and he then decided to stop it and ask to be appointed from the water. His mother and his coach said that he almost there. They kept encouraging him to surrender. But when he tried to look ahead the coast of California he could not see anything because a very thick fog.
Not long after exactly 15 hours and 55 minutes she lifted from the water. An hour later his body back to being warm, she began to feel the disappointment of failure. He threw his disappointment "I'm sorry to myself, if only just at that moment I could see land, I must succeed".
How could I not disappointed? He was lifted from the water just 2 km away from the coast of California!! Then he explained that it was not karenakelelahan and cold, which caused him to surrender, but his inability to see the mist-covered TARGET.
V. People Success They Can Manage Time!
When the same content should be different.
Do not have time used directly for in vain.
Create a Periodic planning to take advantage of the time.
Use a scale of priorities for the use of time.
Results of survey on the use of time by people, average age 70 years as follows:
• 21 years old to sleep
• 14 years old to work
• 7 years for activities related to kesehata
• 6 years to eat
• 6 years to travel
• 5 years to wait their turn
• 4 years to learn
• 3 years for attending meetings
• 2 years to answer the phone
• 1 year to search for missing items
• 2 years for other activities
So if we are targeting to achieve success during our working years, we only have 20% of our age to 70.
Success Strategies
What will really benefit me?
What is most rewarding for me?
Results suvai conducted by the National Retail Dry Goods Association in America Reveals:
• 48% of salespeople just do 1 times and then hung up contacts
• 25% only do 2 times and then hung up contacts
• 15% only 3 times and break contacts
• 12% make 3 times the contact and continue the relationship
then 80% of sales generated by this last type of salesperson.
Here is a real picture of a very interesting about the courage, tenacity and perseverance of a great figure
Failed in business 22
Defeated get 23 seats in the legislature
Failed again in business 24
Elected to the legislature 25
Beloved wife of 26 bereaved
Frustration 27
Defeated in reaching a spokesperson position 29
Lost the jury reached a position 31
Defeated in the election of 34 members of congress
Elected to Congress 39
Defeated in the election of 46 senators
Vice-president lost the election 47
Outvoted again in the 49th senatorial election
Was elected president of the United States 51
These figures is none other than President Abraham Lincoln, known as the most influential American presidents