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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011



Anne Ahira
MANY people do not expect that from a corner edge of the city of Bandung, which became the center of the textile industry in Bandung, sticking the name of Anne Ahira (25) to a level international forum.
In fact, he was overseas business schools were not. However, the girl Banjaran Foreign Language High School graduate (STBA), Bandung, managed to align himself with the internet marketers the world over the past two years alone.
Do not think that the Ahira is the heir to the business of a conglomerate or office at a large company in skyscraper buildings. What he did is run a internet marketing via a computer in his home in Banjaran, Bandung regency.
All that he did learn the internet marketing business is autodidact and of course, through trial and error, which is quite tiring and spend a lot of money gained from the activity of teaching English while still a student at Bandung STBA.
In the online world known as an internet marketer Ahira success. He is one of the author of 30 Days To Internet Marketing Success. This book was written by 60 authors who are internet marketers a choice of various parts of the world-renowned as the best internet marketing book of the year 2003.
This book turnover reached more than 340,000 dollars in just less than four months.
Ahira also been interviewed by Advance Vision Marketing America about "Internet Marketing Prophecies". This company only eight people choose the best internet marketers from around the world.
Ahira is the only representative from the Asia Pacific region and the only woman selected for this interview. The result of this interview later sold Advance Vision Marketing America for 97 U.S. dollars per copy.
In addition, Ahira is the founder of the Elite Team International. Less than four months, membership has spread to five continents. Ahira masterminded the marketing strategy for the 1,000 members of the Elite Team are now scattered in 84 countries.
Routinely Ahira also create newsletters to Newsletter contains tips on internet marketing strategy is read by 14,000 internet marketing professionals spread across 120 countries. And recently, Ahira was elected as "12 World's Super Affiliate" in 2004 (see
Ahira introduction begins with the online world since December 2001. Brother-in-law was the first to introduce it in this borderless world. When the brother-in-law tells of a boy aged 17 who get thousands of dollars from the Internet.
Hearing the story, arising Ahira curiosity, how can a 17-year-old child can get thousands of dollars from the Internet? Since then Ahira eager to find out about the world of internet marketing. In fact, back then, what is electronic mail (e-mail) was Ahira had absolutely no idea. But after hearing the story first glance, he seemed determined to himself, "If a child is 17 years could, then I can too!"
The first year, the results are not as he expected. In fact, he suffered losses because of Ahira learn about the world of internet marketing at all without a teacher.
In fact, he did not have a background in marketing education. He really "newbie" in the online world. Through the ups and downs in the second year of business finally began to show results Ahira. In the middle of the second year, the Ahira earn a usually obtained within a period of many years through conventional business.
Given the many trial and errors that lived during the study, Ahira also intends to establish an internet marketing center that he named Asian Brain. Place of informal learning about internet marketing strategy based website is expected to launch in 2005.
Through the Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center, Ahira expect can help a home industry or small industry, professionals and people of Indonesia in general to learn about internet marketing and grow their business via the Internet.
Besides expected to affect open new jobs, also could increase Indonesia's foreign exchange. Ahira internet marketing center also hopes it can change the world the impression that Indonesian people are usually only cheat via the internet.
Ahira feel confident internet marketing is a prospective business in the 21st century. Remember anyone can become an internet marketer with the investment money that is relatively cheaper than offline business. Moreover, if supported by the commitment and hard work, it has been a huge success awaits.
Not surprisingly, Ahira reveal his friends who work as employees of gas stations or even "pizzaman" managed to become internet millionaire (remember in U.S. dollars!) Within a period of 5-10 years. No cover possible future also belongs to the "village" like himself to his new internet marketing for more than two years. "My goal is to 'retire' before the age of 30 years. Retire Within years, not in decades."
Here pertikan Compass interview with Ahira at his parents' home in Jalan Bojong Banjaran Lemongrass, Bandung.
CAN be told how to start a career as an internet marketing?
I am a villager who two years ago did not know anything about the internet let alone internet marketing. Indeed many people who do not believe.
When did the world begin to recognize the Internet?
My friend, Didier Ahadiat, one of the students who work part time as a guard warnet (warung internet-Red). He was the first person who taught me about how to create e-mail at Hotmail. Now he's become my technician. At the same time, I always believe in yourself, ask people around who also were playing their usual internet, especially chat. I always pleaded, "Please ajarin me how to make money on the internet?". At that, almost all my friends laugh. They called me was a dream.
What is your current job?
I teach part-time from level one since college. However, after level two, I was often hired by textile firms, such as the Pan Asian Textile, KTSM, Kukje-Adetex, Korin, Hanil Global Textile Industry, and many other companies to teach the Indonesian language for their foreign employees. I also teach the children who study at the International School, I teach math, science, drawings, as well as English for the people of Indonesia. Every teaching, then I get paid between Rp 75,000 to Rp 150,000 per hour. To measure students' large enough and every month I was able to produce 1000 U.S. dollars. But before teaching, I also worked as a sideline, a cleaning service, and even had to sell a story book for children. I then walk around from house to house. Until finally came to one house, and a mother offers me, than I am the streets during the hot and circumference, mending teach their children English. Since then I became a teacher.
Then the exact reason you are interested in studying the internet? Is there that inspired him?
Since I already own elementary school and help parents selling fried bananas or ice. If you go to school, I brought a big bag of three pieces, one for the books, and two for selling bananas. I always tell my Mom, when I grow up, my baseball will work to achieve, I want to work at home, a vacation anytime may, around the world, where aja may, many money, ha-ha-ha .... My mom often snaps me, "Do not dream, if you you have a factory maybe you could like it, but Dad you just regular factory employee, and Mama you just handyman gado-gado. If you want to live better, learn to be a true and must pitar ". It is the words that my mother often catapult. So, I tried to smart in school and I often become champion class. My mother also liked to say, if I want to go around the world, the first step is to learn English. I learn English from primary school at that time the village people to judge "weird". Why learn English? They thought it was just a waste of money. But I always thought it was the capital to go around the world.
So, since my primary school already able to speak fluent English because of course at the Dutch. Until I understood at the time of college and was thinking, maybe teaching is my way of life. But in my heart I often say that my brain can actually be used more than just teaching. Until one day during lunch, my sister in law told me that there is a 17-year-olds in America there are people who can generate thousands of dollars from the internet. I am quite surprised, and continued curiosity. In fact, my own sister in law did not know the internet is like what, even now he does not know how to send or create e-mail. He only knows one site: Sister in law I am a chicken farmer, who now work together at my dad take care of other people in the village chicken. But the story he was, I was very inspired, and the next day I went straight to the cafe for the first time and find out how to make money on the internet.
What is the capital owned at that time?
Capital curious and reckless capital. When I first sat in front of the internet, my baseball knows nothing and should be doing. I do not know which sites should I visit, even I do not know "search engine" that's what. E-mail and even I do not know.
Is ins and outs faced when starting it all?
Lots. Many sad things that I went through. Almost everyone around me can not believe what I do, they think I'm strange and "crazy" because they thought I was just a waste of money. In fact, for me the puzzle not yet solved and I will not give up.
Does this profession quite promising in the future?
Very promising and will be something that was more promising than working offline.
For its target market of the world. Meanwhile, if you are working offline, you can only do one or two jobs, unless they have employees. But if online, you can do 10, 30, 40 jobs, and it only requires a one-time set-up but can produce continuously. Examples such as the Elite Team, I just make a one-time training for 30 days, but in life people can be unlimited and those who just received training from the training that I will feel like new. Even with the way online, I can teach while dozing.
How you can reap such a large income through the internet?
To sell a product, I have to say one month time. Could actually sell some products in a month because I was always busy e-mail reply from the client or the elite team. So my aim was to sell one product within a month. This time is used for research, create websites, marketing strategy, and others. Say for the product A I set up in January, I was able to, for example 500 dollars per month. The next month I set up and sell product B, and I can also say U.S. $ 500 per month as well. I still can commission from product A that I set up the previous month and an additional of product B. And, I continue to look for other products that can be sold. So you can imagine, if one year we could sell 10 different products, at some point we could get more than 5,000 U.S. dollars per month. In fact it can be, instead producing product A 3000 U.S. dollars per month after 10 months. That's why many internet marketers who earn just a scene within a few years. That happens because they already have marketing systems that can run itself and make money month per month. Done one for another, another, and another ...
What is your next goal?
I want to make online internet marketing school which I will give the name "Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center". I want to share my knowledge with people of Indonesia, to learn internet marketing and keep so they do not run out of money to spend as much as my own first time began to learn about internet marketing. I really want to change the frightened people of Indonesia do business online. In fact, there is actually equal to the gold fields. Internet marketing has changed many people's lives. We do not have to come from the descendants of conglomerates. My only real example, I am not making this up, I was a villager, although still at home, but international business he-he. ...
Now I can go to anywhere and anytime. Despite my sleep, my computer has become such a money-making machine. And I'm sure, many Indonesian people who can like me or even more.
What is your advice for those who want to wrestle like your profession? What is the condition? And what capital should be prepared?
Many people give up just a few months because he wants to fast money. That mental attitude is very wrong. Do not spam people. That is very annoying and very unprofessional. I get many e-mails from people of Indonesia who suddenly send an e-mail and asked me to do business. In the United States such a man could face five years in prison. But do not just because in Indonesia there is no law to "spam e-mail", then the spam-free people, or "harvesting".
Frankly with so you will not be rich through that way. I've never heard of spammers rich or generate thousands of dollars from the internet. So learn a proper way, and strive to become a professional internet marketer.
Anne Ahira or familiarly called Ahira / Hira, born 28 November 1979. He was the second of three brothers pair Aas Asiah Hj and H Sobur Sodikin. All the brothers of women. Ahira life motto: "True wealth is what it is I, not what I had." Ahira complete English education at the College of Foreign Languages (STBA) in Bandung. He graduated cum laude.
Ahira's interest in foreign languages has been since high school. Various certificate achieved through foreign language courses, such as German and English. Not only that, dozens of other certificates of accounting courses, computers, drawing, sports, and much more. So many, he was already not remember anymore, what are the courses that have followed.
To meet and conduct direct interviews with Ahira take long because he was often abroad. During an interview with Kompas, Ahira repeatedly stated that the villagers themselves who lived in Jalan Bojong Lemongrass, Banjaran, Bandung.
"I was a villager," he said with a laugh. If asked ideals, Ahira would answer firmly, "Retire Within years, not in decades."