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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Steps To Success In Network Marketing Business

Steps To Success In Network Marketing Business by Robert T Kiyosaki
1. Decide to make changes in your life
2. Start network marketing business on a part-time. Set goals to stay in business for five years, two years, one year, or six months.
"The difference between winners and losers are determined by the finish line. Winners do not care whether he crossed the finish line first or last place, which he thought was crossing the line. Losers quit before winning, loser petandingan ran 95 meters from 100 meters every day of their lives. "
3. Be firm hold on the destination. Once you make a decision, do not do what was done by oreng fail ... ie change your mind after making a decision. If you decide to stay in business for say one year, then for a year attend the meeting recommended that your sponsor. You want to improve your mind and your core values. I feel that after the fifth meeting, finally changed my mind and I began to see things that I could not see before.
4. Decide what purpose you want:
 Just to get additional hundreds of thousands per month?
 Replacing your income from your job?
 To become rich, by earning 1 billion per year?
 To be ultra-rich with an income of at least 100 million per month
5. Learn as if your life depended on it. Because this is so.
6. Dream big and never forget your dreams. Even if you never achieve your dreams. Much better to have big dreams and try to achieve that dream, than a small dream and achieve a small dream.
"The difference between a successful person with a very successful is the size of their dreams"

Beberepa real-life business lessons to be learned are important in network marketing companies

1. Attitudes tehadap success
2. Leadership skills
3. Communication skills
4. Human Expertise
5. Overcoming personal fears, doubts and lack confidence.
6. Overcoming fear of rejection
7. Financial management expertise
8. Expertise invest
9. Expertise accountability
10. Time management skills
11. Determination of objectives / goals - goals
12. Systematization