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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Know Your Human Potential

Know Your Human Potential
By Komaruddin Chalil, S.Ag.
I. Introduction
Among the many creatures of God's creatures, human beings occupy a position as the most important, most precious and most perfect. This statement may be obtained from the word of God Surat At-Tin paragraph: 4
"We have created man in his best shape"
Even with grace and affection he has put the management of the heavens and the earth is the creature called man.
An explanation of this we can get in the SQ. Al-Jatsiyah: 13 (And he has made it easier for you what is in heaven and on earth all of them, (as Mercy) from Him. Surely, in all there are signs of God for the people who think.)
Besides virtue, glory and perfection, the human heavy undertaking that is as caliph / replacement of God on earth. And God as the creator of the Most Perfect, equip people with a variety of tremendous potential in order to subdue and manage the universe.
II. Know Your Human Potential
Broadly speaking, the human potential in the in 3 parts:
1. Potential Intellect (cognitive, science, thought, recitations)
Etymologically, according to Raghib Ashfahaniy, reason has the meaning Imsak (holding), al-ribath (bond), al-hajr (holding), al-nahy (ban), and man'u (prevent). Based on the meaning of this language is called the general sense is the potential that is prepared to accept science, able to hold and bind desires. Intellect has two meanings:
Physical sense, one of the organs located in the head, reason is commonly referred to as the brain (al-dimagh);
Spiritual sense, that is the light of conscience who are prepared to acquire knowledge and cognition.
So the reason is the power of human thinking to acquire knowledge that is rational and can determine human existence. In a sense has a variety of potential activities,
1. Understanding the law of causality, "And He it is that turn on and off, and He is the (set) of the night and day, then do you not understand?" (Surat al-Mu'minun) [23]; 80)
2. Understanding the system of the universe, see the letter of Al-Syua'ra [26] :18-68), about the long dialogue between the prophet Moses with Pharaoh Pharaoh illustrating the inability of reason to understand natural phenomena of the universe in which there must be reversed The manager, the Supreme Creator and Almighty.
3. Berfikit distinktif, the ability to sort out the problems and devise systematics of the phenomenon that is known, "And the earth We have the parts are side by side and anggaur gardens, plants and palm trees are branched, watered ddengan the same water. We exaggerate some the plants over the other in part about the taste. Surely such that there are signs (of Allah) for those who think "(Surah Ar-Ra'd [13] 4)
2. Physical potential (Psycomotorik, Amal, endeavor, Jihad)
Look at how the human physical potential is more perfect than other creatures (animals) that causes people to have a better ability to do things than any other creature.
God's wisdom of several billion people in the world none the exact same. God's wisdom, physical man is created in a balanced position.
3. Heart (Affective, Faith, Dhikr, Tuqotih)
Experts disagree on determining the meaning. Some one assumes as organic matter, while others call it a system of cognition (wishes) of different emotions. Al-Ghazali clearly see the heart from two aspects. Namely physical heart and spiritual heart. Physical heart is the inner flesh that is shaped like a banana which is located on the left chest. While the spiritual heart is something that is subtle, and spiritual nature and the divine.
The Qur'an uses the term qalb and fu'ad to mention the human heart, as mentioned in Surat al-Isra '[17]: 36 and a letter from al-Syu'ara [26]: 89. The Qur'an also uses the word shadr which means chest or front to mention the mood and spirit as a psychological unity as in the letter of al-Insyirah [94]: 1. But the Qur'an also uses the term qalb to mention the reason as stated in the letter of al-Hajj [22]: 46, and to mention the spirit as in Surat al-Ahzab [33]: 10
In the context of human potential, heart or liver is not a piece of organ or system but rather an element of conscience / spiritual man. The language of the heart, it means back and forth, and this is characteristic of the heart itself, which has the properties is not consistent, which need a separate management ..
The main function of the heart is as a tool to understand the realities and values of life as mentioned in Surat al-Hajj [22]: 46, that is, "Have they not walked the earth, and they have hearts with which they can understand, or have their ears to hear it? Because it is not really a blind eye, but the blind is the heart that is in the chest. "
Al-Ghazali argued that the heart has the potential of the so-called al-nur al-ilahiy (divine light) and al-bashirat al-bathinat (inner eye) that radiates faith and belief. Similarly, al-Zamakhsyariy confirmed that the heart was created by God according to the nature of origin and tend to accept the truth from Him. From this side of the heart acts as a guide, control, and control all human behavior. With this heart of human potential not only to recognize the physical and social environment, but also able to recognize the spiritual environment, the deity and the value of their religious life. And Allaah knows best