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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

Ten Elements Billionaire Personality

Ten Elements Billionaire Personality

Last week I was in New York City, specifically Manhattan, which
distance is approximately 2500 miles from my residence in San Francisco Bay
A "mogul" alias snapper class businessmen who were close friends with
Donald Trump called me to help him in setting up the division
new educational institutions which have. Call his name Mr.

As a consultant who often heard the name Mr. This JC
mentioned, and of course I was thrilled when contacted by his assistant
The Mogul is to visit for business meeting. With
hopefully I prepared everything for my presentation
will not disgrace. His name alone business with an entrepreneur
snapper class. Siapalah I was in his eyes.

Apparently, outside dugaa n me, Mr. JC is very friendly and informal.
His intelligence was evident from "being comfortable in his own skin." He
very comfortable with herself, there is no element of intimidation or
trying to look more clever than his interlocutor. I really
very impressed.

For about 6 hours on the plane trip home, I was much
ponder this meeting, especially regarding the personality of Mr. Junior Chamber
very charming. My brain likes to do a comparative study re-
bekerja.Satu per one successful people face appears in my mind.
Well, there are many similarities with nature and their behavior
Mr. JC, who seemed very contrary to the properties and
their behavior is less successful.

Ten elements of my personality a billionaire sarikan
based on communication and personal interaction with the billionaies and
some successful entrepreneurs are as follows:

One, the courage to take the initiative.
Herein lies the main uniqueness snapper world-class entrepreneurs. They
always have ideas gifted. For example, look at the King Real
his resurrection from bankruptcy a few years ago now
yielded more than a mere property empire. There are dolls
Donald, there's TV series The Apprentice, there is an online university, there is even a t-shirt "You're Fired" and the books best-sellernya.
depart from mere initiatives, we can learn and imitate.

Two, on time.
Always keep their promises and on time because this is proof capability
manage something that is most restricted in our lives, namely time.
Ability to be present is the key appointment of all
success, especially success in business. Respect for time is
reflection of the respect for self and business partners send envy.

Three, happy to serve and give.
A billionaire certainly has a personality as a leader and
a leader is a servant and giver. The more you give to others,
The more respect you get in return. Gratitude, gratitude if there is good karma
so that good things are also from other people. At least
give and serve, we have to show the world how
our abundance. Our subconscious will continue to form the blueprint for success
based on the ability to give this.

Four, opening up first.
Have you met people who always want to ask about personal matters
about other people but do not ever want to open yourself? They usually
living in fear and suspicion, they certainly will be very
difficult to achieve success because of two things is the opposite of
elements that build success. Trust and generosity to
open up to the other person is a mirror that we are comfortable
with yourself, then nothing needs to be covered, something that
sought by the true business partners. (Who wants to work together
with a mysterious person?)

Lima, enjoy working together and fostering good relations with the partners
Teamwork is clearly one key to major success. Donald Trump
and Martha Stewart have had their teams who are very loyal
so that they can achieve extraordinary success. "No man is an island," we
all need to build a network of good work, so that the road to
success more wide open.

Six, nice to learn new things.
Again we take the example of Mr. Trump who recently opened an online
university. Whether he was a master of education? A professor?
Obviously not, but with his penchant to find new things and
directly apply it, then the world wide wide open
baginya.Dunia business for him is a vast playground and not
limited. The key is only one: love to learn and find new things.

Seven, rarely complains, professionalism is the most important. Lance
Armstrong once said, "There are two Kinds of days: good days and
great days. "There are only two kinds of days: a good day and day
very baik.Jangan not ever complain in business, although a
day possible
You will fall and fail. Why? Because every time you fail is
opportunity to learn to overcome failure itself so that no
happen again in the future. Days on which you failed to keep the
agood day (good day).

Eight, dare to bear the risk.
Clearly, without this there is no kesemp atan at all to go
sukses.Sebenarnya every day we run the risk, although not recognized
full. The risk is only going to result in two kinds: some of a good or a great
day (see above). So, why be afraid? Failure was simply
opportunity to learn to not repeat the same thing in the future right?

Nine, showing no fear (think positive every
Positive thinking is the environment or the default state where
whole existence we are. If we use negative thoughts as
state, then all our actions will be based on this (concern
or anxiety). With positive thoughts, then our actions will be based
by positive vibration, so that positive things will be even greater

Ten, "comfortable in Their Own Skin" aka good about yourself
own without the need to try menut ups and make-up something looks
"More" than his interlocutor. Ever met a billionaire
low self-aka not comfortable with themselves? I am sure
does not exist. Leisure be yourself no jacket required
so that the speaker was not offended because everyone has a place
alone in the world that can not be replaced by others.

I was me, they are them. By being myself
own, I would not disturb their existence. If they do not feel
comfortable, it's not because of my personality, but because the mindset
different and kekurangmampuan them in achieving comfort with self

Do you have the personality of a billionaire? Only you
can be answered. Salam success, to meet at the top of a mountain success