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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Angkot Style Fast and The Furious on Amazing Padang

Owners of public transportation in the Valley really creative. They modify the vehicle to be eye-catching. Perhaps, to conjure a slang that there is public transportation that spend funds up to tens of millions of dollars.

Public transportation in the Valley-based majority Deer Suzuki Carry or capsules. After dimodif, it looks no less with the cars in the movie The Fast and The Furious, starring Vin Diesel.
Full modifications, ranging body kit to sound system and LCD screen, plus light-colored lights decorating the inside out. There is also an on-flat out (low to the ground). From the front, there is a symbol that looks like his Autobot Transformers, pugnacious style of racing movie Death Race prison, or even form a McLaren F1 nose.

Stickers writings and the various logos also adorn the entire body of public transportation. Ala full race car sponsor. And, the unique, not a few who put a camera in the car to watch the passengers!

Not one or two only. Almost all public transportation in the Valley like that. So, if you hang out at an intersection, when there are two or more public transportation lined up waiting for the light is green, the landscape like a line straight track start / finish a circuit. Like to see the procession start racing event.

If the night is more exciting again. Colorful lights so obvious. Hip-hop (not dangdut koplo) roar on every car, making all become like a walking disco. Facilities remarkable considering it costs only Rp 2,000 once a rose (could be Rp 3,000 to Rp 4,000 if remote).

Indeed, Padang not the only city that has a quirky public transportation in Indonesia. Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, too. Manado, North Sulawesi, too. Only, in Balikpapan and Manado is still no flow modification "rather elegant." If in Padang, completely alter the face of extreme and in the car.

If the sought-after, no one knows exactly when the phenomenon of public transportation began racing-style modifications. However, according to Yudha Putra, 33, public transportation "cool" began to appear since the late 1990s "But, when the early modification was only modest. Not like now," said Yudha, majoring in public transportation driver Siteba Padang-Pasar Raya, to Padang Ekspres (Java Post Group / JPNN).

Deer Yudha driven capsule is blue, the output 2000. The car was almost full sticker. Flat, plus variations on the front and rear spoiler. The lights on the front of the flickering blue, matching the color of the car. Sound system is so striking, some great speakers adorn the passenger space.

Yudha said, extreme modifications may be just beginning around 2004. Since then almost all majors in the city is filled by "racing cars." Start right away, decoration LCD, camera, etc. fill the interior.

Syafrianto Rico, 30, driver of other public transportation, public transportation modifications mentioned for him is to increase self-confidence when scrambling passengers. "There is a sense of pride when we brought the car was nice and steady modification. But, another driver might be have another opinion," he said. Rico added that the modification of public transportation in determining the amount paid to owners or owners of public transportation. It is also increasingly showing the importance of modifications in attracting passengers.

"If modifnya simplest, most setorannya between Rp 110 thousand to $ 130 thousand a day. But, if the full modif, payments could reach Rp 170 thousand per day," he said. The importance of modification to increase the turnover was affirmed Mohamed Daya, 25, driver-City Limits majors Tabing Padang-Pasar Raya. Moreover, if you want to capture segments of school children, which is a major market share of public transportation.

"People Padang taste very select. If it was just plain or standard, they do not want to drive us. If it so, of course we can not compete. Look over there, a full modif passengers, the plain is more quiet," said Daya while pointed to several public transportation passes in front of him.

Modification of the extra cost of public transportation is a "must" was issued the owner and driver public transportation. The cost also varies. There is only $ 5 million. There are more than Rp 40 million. Suzuki Carry disopiri angkot Mohamed Daya, including the most extreme, out of more than USD 40 million.

"Just imagine. For the sound system alone was USD 28 million. Plus overhaul of the body. For example, swapping the tail with the tail Carry Suzuki Toyota Avanza, which discharged approximately USD 12 million. Not to mention making variations of the other fiber to the outside in," Daya beber .

Who would pay for modifications "If the owner does not want to spend the cost of public transportation, usually the driver will look for a loan. Then the driver mengangsurnya every day of the cut deposit. Not infrequently there are drivers who dared to fund it themselves." Only if the driver, typically pays for the light-light only. For example, put many stickers on the body or the dolls on the inside. Big, skipper of funding, "explained Syafrion, 36, public transportation drivers Tabing Padang-Pasar Raya.

A number of owners of public transportation has become imperative admitted modification. "If not, no driver wants to operate a public transportation. They reasoned public transportation is not innocent conduct," said Afif Syahril, 45, owner of public transportation Siteba Padang-Pasar Raya.

Owners of public transportation, such as Afif, really do not want to know about the modification. "But this is about revenue. Yes, what can we do. Must!" he said. Competition modifications also provide a blessing for modification workshops in Padang. When the garage in another town should pursue the automotive enthusiast market, its main market in the Valley might actually public transportation.

Januik Zam, 40, who is often called by the name Zamzami, including those that reap the benefits of public transportation modification of this contest. He claimed to invest to make the shop cutting sticker EPM in Jalan Aru, Eastern District of Padang, thanks to public transportation. Hendera Rahman, 46, owner of a shop the other modifications, admitted obtaining sizable income. "What I took out my garage entrance fee of Rp 2.5 million to $ 28 million," he said.