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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Bill Gates How to Pamper Yourself exemplary

Most people dream of having a life like Microsoft founder Bill Gates. As a man likes to do charity, like what enjoyment of life?

Bill Gates is the most economical. He did not waste money with wishes even though he was very rich. Similarly, the reluctance to talk a lot. When interviewed, he just said hello and sat quietly while waiting for the question.

54-year-old man was looking geek (nerd) with glasses and clothes that are not branded. Even so, he did not think much about the opinion of those of its simplicity and that is not behaving as normal as other rich people.

"If geek means you're willing to learn many things to discuss scientific or other technical problems. Also, I lot of hanging out with people like that. In our work, my many conversations with the wider community such as single mothers, children and farmers. Of course, this ( geeky) is a good thing. If your culture does not accept it, you are in big trouble, "said Bill Gates in an interview.

But most people love Bill Gates. Since out of Harvard University, he founded the kingdom of Microsoft and create the world's largest charity. He contributed Rp294 trillion to The Gates Foundation, which he filled with his wife, Melinda.

The agency managed to attract the attention of Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey to join. In the end, this charity has a glimmer of a miracle for the poor with funds amounting to Rp910 trillion.

Career Gates basically relatively simple. He was the son of a lawyer and homemaker. He left Harvard to pursue the vision and mission at risk. "I knew that I wanted a personal computer for myself. I also know what it takes to get it," Gates said lightly.

He never missed a luxury car or any other materialistic. He just likes to read and buy books. This man was also an admirer of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. When asked whether Gates would also like immortalized as a maestro of the computer. He simply replied. Not yet, but I will.

Another craze Gates is an excursion. He has a lot of planes, but he remained behind the luxuries that illustrates the simplicity. "Basically, how much food can we eat and how much should we buy clothes?" said Gates.

Gates Children attend school in a privileged position. However, he intends to use most of his money to charity. Gates did not want to create a luxury that can only be felt herself. He felt very competent to give anything without the need to limit yourself.

"I have not made any sacrifices so that loving others was very impressive," said Gates. He'll hate yourself if the children grow up with a lot of money expecting legacy. Gates admitted his attitude might seem strange to many people.

However, he has asserted to the offspring who were 14, 11 and 8 years to not inherit a lot of money, just a few. Gates hopes they will grow up with their own abilities throughout life.

"When they graduate from school, they begin to have their own responsibilities. Having been very fortunate to get an amazing education than most children around the world. This is a very good decision," he said.

Although the college had left the bench, Gates still splurge on the academic field. It is the largest contributor of funds for various universities in the UK. One is a scholarship to Cambridge University by 136 million pounds (Rp1, 9 trillion).

Nevertheless, Gates is considered private money still providing an important role. Donate some money to some prestigious university is a wonderful thing, but much remains to be done.

Lasting marriage are also very grateful to Melinda Gates. They keep working, doing charity work and have fun. Both are often seen playing tennis, vacation, skiing and other fun things. "I am very lucky in many ways, especially marriage."


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