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Senin, 11 April 2011

What or Who is Na Pohybel Janas?

After seeing this term at the top of google search last week, via breakout mode, I wondered what it was, but didn't think much of it. I thought maybe it was some type of video game. But the past couple of days I noticed there were a lot of searches on the phrase "What is Na Pohybel Janas"? That striked my interest a little. I know it's died down a little, but I decided to research it none the less because not one place did I find a direct answer to this mystery search. Many began to fear maybe a virus, or some plot of a terrorist attack, or something along those lines. Here is everything I found.

Through online translation tools, the best I could come up with, meaning most of the attempts simply changed "Na" to a "go" or "the" or "end", was a translation from Polish to English in which it translated into "Destruction of the Janas" . Interesting, so what does Janas? I found that Janas has a few possibilities, one being as a term of endearment of sorts, such as "cute" or "dear", beauty" and "beautiful" I also found. Others described it as an idiom. I found that Janas is a female name that in Czechoslovakian, Polish, and Dutch means "God's Gracious Gift" and in Arabic it means "Harvest of Fruit". Since I found the almost full translation of "Na Pohybel Janas" in Polish, maybe I can use the Polish meaning of Janas to fill in the rest??? A literal translation in that case would be, "Destruction of God's Gracious Gift". Or maybe half Polish, half Arabic....."Destruction of the Harvest of Fruit". Does that mean a woman is become barren, or fertile lol....I don't know. Even still, this isn't a deifinitive answer. So I took this a step farther. I did a Google search of translated pages to English to see how other languages translated this mysterious phenomenal phrase.

  1. From, was this insert...

"The Internet is a means of Info and a means of disinformation as a couple of days, we tried to find the reason why one of the main keyword is the phrase na pohynel Janas, and has already been attributed to the Israeli group to a virus and a terrorist plot, this news would not be anything special if one of the main regions where this phrase is one of the most wanted is Latin America where very few people if not anyone know that it is na pohybel janas."

2. From another blog, I gathered that Na Pohybel Janas is a Indonesian or Slavic singer, or band.

3. Na Pohybel Janas, according to a french blogger, is an exotic animal, or a slavic minister, and there is a youtube video of this song, "Na Pohybel Janas" that was being sung in tribute to "him"

I actually did find the youtube video, and it is in fact a band with a girl singing in a language I don't understand, possibly slavic. She supposedly is very popular wherever she originates from and the song is titled none other than..."Na Pohybel Janas".

Na Pohybel Janas, the Youtube Video

With all the information I found, and a lot that I didn't find about Na Pohybel Janas, the overall results tend to lean more to the idea that it is a either a Group, or a song the group sings called Na Pohybel Janas, and whatever the literal translation is, I know it is most likely Polish or Czech, as is the singer in the video above. This is said most of all, to have been an attempt to further popularize this singer and her band. In any case, they have succeeded. I just hope the girl really can sing.

If you looked this up and actually found something of more relevance on this topic, please share because I'm interested.