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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Two players Indonesian ancestry who now graze at FC Utrecht, the Netherlands, ignoring calls on Indonesia to join them in Indonesia U23 Team. Mark van der Maarel and Stefano Lilypaly, say, they are more interested in a career at FC Utrecht rather than defend Indonesia.

This statement both on Radio Netherlands. Van der Maarel, whose mother was born in Indonesia, said he was not interested in defending Indonesia. For the moment he is still the main focus of the team FC Utrecht.

"Often I receive SMS messages in your inbox and also team up on this. first I answered, but not for long I would respond. I ignore aja,"said van der Maarel.

Van der Maarel add to this moment he is not interested in strengthening the Indonesian national team. Moreover, he realized, could burn Dutch passport.

While Lilipaly said he could not join the U23 national team for now due to his name entered in the four junior players FC Utrecht which brought to Portugal to face a number of European clubs.

"For a while I will concentrate first enter the main team. I will definitely strengthen the Indonesian national team, but not in the near future," said the conductor of this midfield. His style in midfield is rumored to type with Spanish playmaker Andres Iniesta who graze at FC Barcelona.