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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

Peeking Whisky Making Process

Whiskey (English: whiskey from Scottish Gaelic, or Irish whiskey from, fuisce) refers broadly to the category of fermented alcoholic beverages cereals are undergoing a process of mashing (mashed, mixed with water and heated), and the results through a process of distillation before ripened with I kept in small wooden barrels (usually oak).

Type whiskey produced depends types of cereals are used as raw materials, namely barley, malt (barley that dikecambahkan), rye (rye), rye dikecambahkan, wheat, and corn. Whisky comes from the language Gaulia for "water" (uisce or uisge). In Scotland called uisge-beatha, whereas in Ireland called uisce beatha meaning "water of life". Both are related to the Latin aqua vitae which also means "water of life". Scot wrote it as an Irish whiskey while writing it as whiskey (plus the letter "e").

Note that the oldest of the whiskey comes from 1405 in Ireland, which tells the monks made whiskey. The same was recorded in Scotland in 1496. Nevertheless, the whiskey is estimated to already have at least several hundred years earlier. At that time, whiskey is made in many places, and not recorded specifically. As a result, the year the first time whiskey made as well as place of origin is unknown. In addition, there is the possibility of different groups of people who have nothing to do with one another, separately discovered the distillation process.

Distillation kettle and keg Scotch

Historians estimate distilled liquor was first made between the 8th century and 9th century in the Middle East. Distillation technique was brought to Ireland and Britain by Christian monks. According to popular legend, St. Patrick introduced distillation process in Ireland and Britain. Distillation process may be found in the Irish, or farmers in Britain who use the remains of cereals after harvest.

The knife cut the malt flour mixed with hot water and generate Wort

Tube fermentation process

after the fermentation, the liquid is inserted into the copper refiners, has the form of retort. If in Ireland up to 3 times distillation process, in contrast to Scotland, there is only 2 times.

Number 2 on the distiller means that it is intended for a second distillation. Inside, spiral-shaped, and the principle works the same as electric kettle.

Pipe storage and bottling streaming

Storage Barrels Whisky, whiskey which has been stored in the drum can last for years.

Barrels embankment. Commonly used 3 sizes of barrels. Each keg, which previously contained "Bourbon" Kentucky, can only be used 3 times. Overall there are 200,000 barrels. This plant produces 6.5 million liters of whiskey per year.

This part of the barrel. Given the small pores in the wood to allow oxygen to penetrate, oxidize ethanol. So get a sense of steady whiskey.

It's called probes, are useful to take a whiskey in a barrel, its length is about one meter.

Test Whisky. A woman who has become Trying Whisky

A Whisky Manufacturing Personnel overthrow containing whiskey barrels that will be sent to the place bottling.

Whisky Bottling Room. a lot of bumpy conveyor "screw down"

Bottles of whiskey that has been filled will be given the product label.

Whsky which was ready in a drink.


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